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As an established brand in technology, i-Toss is uniquely positioned to provide highly efficient and cost effective IT Support Services and technical support services in various market domains

Support plays an important part in the provision of IT Services. It is very often the first contact the business users have in their use of IT Services when something does not work as expected. Support is a single point of contact for end users who need help. Without this, an organization could certainly face losses due to inefficiencies.

The Help Desk is essentially a central point through which problems or issues are reported and subsequently managed and coordinated. From a general or wider perspective, it is an integral part of the service function, responsible for bringing resources together to address a problem or other issue. Help desk users can of course be internal or external, making the function potentially critical in terms the quality of support offered to customers.

Running an IT support operation has always been an expensive proposition for organizations. At the same time, it is a part of the IT infrastructure necessary to maintain efficient operations. Often, organizations attempt to reduce the cost of IT support through outsourcing to other companies, but this can lead to other business challenges since the help desk remains the most frequent interface for IT – any drop in service level is quickly noticed by internal customers and complaints are voiced to internal business leaders. i-Toss provides an integrated end-user support and helpdesk offering. Combining the immediacy of desk-side support with highly trained and affordable remote or onsite support professionals provides the best to internal customers.

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